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Welcome to the
SeeOne Web Site
The Applied Vision Technology in Florence

SeeOne is an Italian  company, devoted  to analyze, develop and produce artificial vision  systems for different industrial sectors.
SeeOne thanks to  a great team and a unique know-how based on  more than 30 years of experience in the field, is able to provide industrialized and customized solutions for  a huge areas of applications.
Our solutions allow to reduce the number of defective products and monitoring the entire production process with optical visual inspection systems and a smart and friendly  software.
Beyond the real benefits, imagine to show your customers, a vision system everytime in action without breaks, that certifies the 100% quality according to the standards that you set with customers: better and less expensive than a set of operators that perform a visual inspection with their eyes!
SeeOne will be  a partner for your application of artificial vision inspection, not only as a supplier, as shown in our Collaboration !


2017 September

The new StoneScan tests began: soon the new images with incredible color fidelity!

For your vision inspection application,  please ask us and you see a clear image of our way to win together!

TopScan AWM  HY
TopScan News: New hybrid Station - Right now there is an intermediate version between the lab and the industrial station ! Everything integrated in the station, included monitor and computer, with the ability to start the measurements with the external buttons! The TopScan family is growing .....

LineScan 100% Web Inspection
News from LineScan world: now an LineSCan option with color cameras for analysis of transparent and non-transparent colored material with the comparison of the delta E.

LineScan Security
Consolidation of the domestic market in the "Banknotes Paper Inspection" in force of a new important order of the Italian Leader! Very happy for this important collaboration !

TopScan AWM Consolidation of the domestic market in the wire and cable measurement in force of a  lot of SEVEN orders for TopScan AWM
LineScan 100% Web Inspection
SeeOne increases the presence on the inspection on plastic film thanks to a new order from Poland
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