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SeeOne Collaborations
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Henry Ford
SeeOne takes care of the collaboration with few important partner
SeeOne trusts that the union of different know how is a key of the success

Below the principal SeeOne Cooperations in completely different fields

“Hunkeler AG (HAG) is a Swiss company, founded in 1922,  which develops and supplies innovative solutions for continuous feed paper processing throughout the digital print process."

The collaboration between HAG and SeeOne is an example, how different know-how, experiences and culture may produce excellent results!
In brief, SeeOne operates as a partner of HAG and develops the software application for Web Inspection solutions based on artificial vision technologies.
The first result out of this strong and high technology collaboration is the Hunkeler WI6 platform, the most advanced quality control system to inspect digital printing and variable data!”

A new great collaboration that looks
to a great future!
The LineScan is right now represented by:

BST eletromat Italy
for the following countries:
Italy, Switzerland and Greece   

BST eletromat Istanbul
for the following countries:
Turkey and Iran

SeeOne is glad to have a close cooperation between Tabo and R&S ,two leading Italian companies in their sector, that it allows to offer a unique portfolio of solutions for the packaging world, but not only .

Starting from the famous Tabo furnaces cleaning, stabilization and processing plastic and steel, going through the Res thickness gauges to check the quality and humidity of the film, and arriving to the SeeOne LineScan systems for automatic inspection of 100% of production.

A complete package of products that will ensure a greater efficiency in production and at the same time to reduce to zero the risk of mistake on the production.

Our joint and multidisciplinary experience are at your service to provide a high level technology consulting and systems and solutions optimized to your requirements.

With our strong support, You can be sure of getting a high quality product and the tranquility of being always and constantly assisted and supervised in any part of the world you are.
Tabo, Res and SeeOne, a successful example of how the union can do the force.

BRG srl
The BRG srl is an Italian  company, with more than 35 years of experience,  skilled in the construction of boxes, laminating rollers, supply of rolling equipment and precision machining related on the customer drawing.

Thanks to the collaboration with SeeOne, it is able to offer to its Customer a new V.O.S., a innovative video optical system that generates and projects silhouettes on a LCD color monitor, to enable the adjustament and setups on bench of the cage rollers and cylinders with various shapes and sizes.
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