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Slab Virtual Generator

ComeScan is one of the most sophisticated machines for scanning and filing highresolution colour images of slabs moving along a stone-polishing or -processing line.
ComeScan can manage the slabs you have in stock by showing the buyer their digital scans and details, thus avoiding the long and complicated operations needed to move and handle them.


ComeScan is equipped with a powerful userfriendly software engine that, with a few simple operations that are very much like those of an ordinary smartphone, can:
-- Create a database per product;
-- Scan the images of a selected batch of slabs;
-- Automatically take all dimensional and technical measurements;
-- Automatically measure the thickness of the slabs;
-- File every single slab univocally;
-- Replace the image of a slab with the next one;
-- Delete one or more slabs from the database;
-- Print out the specifications.

For each scanned slab, the ComeScan creates a barcode on a sticker that is then stuck to the slab.

With such adhesive barcode, details of the slab can then be retrieved with a barcode scanner, such as:
-- Colour image of the slab;
-- Serial number;
-- Batch number;
-- Original block;
-- Thickness;
-- Technical and commercial measurements.
Other features that make this software engine one of a kind are:
-- Dynamic zoom and pan scan;
-- Stone-specific sets: the operator does not need any experience in colour adjustment or video editing, though this is accessible to the supervisor;
-- Automatic extraction of the slab from the background, with different backgrounds adjusted to the colour of the slab;
-- Automatic real-time brightness/contrast adjustment, as defined by the supervisor, depending on the colour of the slab.
-- Option to mark regions with faulty or nonconforming areas;
-- Integration and exchange of scanned details with the company’s offices; the specifications, images and measurements of the slab can be easily sent to buyers or employees by      email or uploaded on cloud.
-- Remote assistance service based on authentication software.


The biggest problem with this kind of systems is seeing the same images with the same colours in different places or offices!
In the office, everyone has his own monitor, but each monitor responds differently or maybe it has been set up to watch films instead of working with Office.
SeeOne has been the first, and the only one yet, that after extensive studies and tests has found the final solution to this problem.
The station can be optionally provided with a second monitor, which, based on an exclusive automatic colour-adjustment system, can show images where the colour rendering has been adjusted to the colour of the slab.
This special monitor can be used ‘in line’, in parallel with the Touch Screen, or in your sales offices or at your most important customers’ offices.

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