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SeeOne Know How

SeeOne takes care to keep know-how technologically up-to-date thanks to a nice and historical collaboration with the most important cameras and board suppliers, university organizations and participating in innovative and international projects.
In brief the principle SeeOne tasks and skills are the following:

General Designing:
Specialist know-how in optical and lighting systems design;
Specialist knowledge in industrial automation, in mechanical plant and systems engineering;
Knowledge of lot of different electro-optic sensors and board for vision application like analog cameras, digital matrix cameras,  linear camera, digital and analogical frame grabber;
Great experiences in a lot of different field of artificial vision applications.

Software Designing:
Specialist knowledge in software design, for artificial vision,  peripheral devices management (like host computer, PLC), sensors of presence, actuators or other ancillary equipments management;
Software packages based on proprietary algorithms, particularly dedicated to artificial vision, analysis and  image processing (e.g. Sub pixel measurements, Calibration, Dedicated Filter,  Neural Network  and so on);
Specialist knowledge in management of “commercial” Vision software package as Halcon (AVT Library) and Sapera Inspector (Dalsa).

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