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100% Web Inspection 4.0

The request for the absolute quality  on film reels of film for markets such as food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries, requires the use of a reliable automatic visual inspection (100% Web Inspection), with high performance and easiness of use.
Nobody can afford complaints from the end-customers, everybody should right now produce only with quality standards certified at 100%!
SeeOne LineScan is the response to the requests of  100% web inspection.
Below few photos of LineScan installations in different application fields:
The LINESCAN can inspect an huge type of different plain materials, such as Plastic Film, Metal Foil, Paper, Woven and Non Woven material.
Every kind of material needs of a specific know how and features: special software defects detection, dedicated illuminators, optics and software tool are required to optimize the Inspection based on the quality assurance requests.
How  LineScan works ?

LineScan is based on the use of one or more linear cameras, through this acquisition devices the material that passes below the cameras is scanned with high accuracy.
Thanks to the LineScan technology, it is possible to analyse the product without solution of continuity and, in fact, the image that will be finally obtained is the result from the composition of a series of orthogonal lines to the direction of motion of the web.

The choice of using linear cameras of high quality, combined with dedicated  light Led's illuminators, lets you take pictures of incredible quality and sharpness,  wich therefore allows to  elaborate  in the best way the acquired information.

The LineScan plus:

The salient features of the LineScan system produced by SeeOne, which set it apart from the competitors are some aspects of design and construction derived from the experience gained through hundreds of successful application, such as:
  • An elegant and robust mechanical support structure, which allows an high immunity to the vibration of the production line;
  • A camera case with special mounting which, in addition to protect the same, allows easily  the fine alignment with the web surface;
  • An automatic software procedure of new recipe creation, which is able to calculate automatically the tolerances according to the colour or transparency conditions of a sample surface that corresponds to the production (if any defects is present on the sample it is  automatically removed via software in the calculation of tolerances) ;
  • A new tools for automatic Classification of each defect
  • Multiple dedicated views during the "Running Phase" that allow to check the production duty and statistic simultaneously while inspecting the material;
  • A complete post-processing tool, in order to analyze the web inspected in the "quality control" laboratory with an accurate analysis of the material.
  • An innovative way to increase  WorkFlow

The LINESCAN is a “turn-key" system. This means that it can fully work in stand-alone without any electronic interface with the production line. It can also be interfaced with the rewinders or slitters through dedicated interface boards for example to start the inspection automatically when the production line starts, or stop the inspection when the production line stops and also give alarms when a defect is detected.
With LineScan it is also possible to set a number of defects in order to stop automatically the production if the threshold set is reached.

The LineScan is easy to Install, because the mechanical unit is designed and assembled
just for Your line characteristics...
No surprise during the installation !
LineScan Video Presentation and Brochure

 The LineScan is represented for: Italy, Switzerland and Greece by BST eltromat Italy and for Turkey and Iran by BST eltromat Istanbul Ltd.  

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