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LineScan Security Line
Paper for Banknotes and Holograms  Control Systems

LineScan Security Inspection System equipped with three acquisition units, checks the 100%  quality of sheets of paper for bank notes at key points before the the printing process.

LineScan Security: A dedicated application

The Paper for  banknote production includes a set of separate and complex  processes to include in the paper few security components, with the final number of steps dependent on the characteristics of the design. The standard process included: watermark and punching generation, silver filament application ,  silk-screen printing,  hologram application and  special not visible glue distribution.

For each components above described the Inspection system is able to check the absolute and relative position and the quality.

Principal Tasks
Inspection of the reliability  of the production  process, with accurate on line measurements.
Detect and reject random defects, to release paper for banknotes and holograms  of controlled quality.
Reduce waste supporting the operator, with real-time feedbacks from the production line.
Report of the status of each reel, divided for each banknotes
Visual and Acoustic Alarms and Ink Jet Markers management to eliminate the defective banknote during the following printing process.

The architecture of this high performance system is improved by three acquisition units, each  with 16.000 pixels dual line linear cameras (line-rate 200KHz) plus six frame grabber FPGA full camera link in order to follow the production flow that runs up to 350m/min.
The processing unit is a workstation equipped with two processor for a total of 32 cores and 48Gbyte of RAM. This architecture allows to handle the huge amount of information (pictures) and simultaneously manage the communication with our PLC that handle and coordinate the trigger and reject signals. In addition all the sensible data such as  reports and defective pictures are store on a network array storage.

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