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LineScan -Not only Vision Inspection –
Enjoy the LineScan with a new complete Workflow !
The use of our LineScan 100% web inspection is the first task to increase Your quality,  but not only ……
Thanks to the LineScan in Your Process, You can define a new workflow, where waste had a complete traceability and also removed !   
In brief, if the LineScan detects a  “critical” during the inspection phase, this system thanks to a smart software and hardware tools,  may tag it automatically, or may stop the line in order to remove it, or may give an external alarm  (red lamps, buzzer and so on).

Anyway the “critical defect” may be removed  also in a further step of the workflow , for instance during the final rewinder process.
In the first step of the manufacturing process, the LineScan software has already stored all information (defect log) pertaining to the roll inspected. The quality manager will process from his office the report mentioned above. This is through a dedicated software called LineScan light that can read and process the report shared on the network by the control of the system in line.
During post-processing, the quality manager may make important evaluations of the defects to be removed in the next step and deliver the clerk of the reclamation of the material the exact coordinates of cut.

The  Defect log may be transferred to  the Rewinder unit, in order to stop the machine during the process in the exact position of the waste !
The operator can easily remove and cutting the defective area, and restart with the Rewinder at the full speed ..
The LineScan software allows to overturn the coordinates of the inspected material .
Indeed, the meter zero examined during the production of the coil is physically the last meter that will pass during the rewinder or cutting operation.
The Flip function allows you to analyse the development of the material starting from the meter corresponding to the label at the end of the coil.
The software LineScan light allows to communicate with the rewinder or cutter and speed up the process of roll-reclaim through the exchange of some signals.
The operator just have to align the flag or a marker, generated in the previous process of inspection, at the end of the roll to the cutting zone and press a button that will communicate the effective alignment to the vision system.

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