Who we are

SeeOne is an Italian technology company based in Florence with high specialization in the analysis, development and production of machine vision systems.

SeeOne’s mission, in addition to the realization of automatic intelligent video inspection systems, is to represent a centre of applied research and excellence in opto-electronics: companies that have the will to develop machine vision applications quickly and with reduced costs find in SeeOne their highly qualified and reliable partner.

The constant commitment in this mission has allowed SeeOne to achieve prestigious results by becoming a technological partner of leading international companies such as Hunkeler AG and BSTeltromat.

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Our Vision

To create innovative technological solutions in the artificial vision, strong of our decades of experience, for partner customers with the common intent to increase the business project.


Artificial vision is our work, our passion and our hobby.


It’s the sense of facing new challenges and we have the know-how to win them quickly.

Innovative Ideas:

We have many of them, we like to constantly push ourselves beyond the established using the latest technology.


We are workaholics, fast, futuristic and flexible.


We are hungry to learn and the comparison with others is our energy.


The deep values of loyalty, honesty and professionalisms are shared by the whole team.

Leadership Team

Sabrina Gattai
Sabrina Gattai

Sole Director

Alfredo Chiostri
Alfredo Chiostri


Giuseppe Campennì
Giuseppe Campennì

Technical Director

Leandro Giovannoni
Leandro Giovannoni



Collaboration with leading camera and optical suppliers, university organizations and participation in international projects for technological innovation,

ensures us a constantly updated know-how in the field of design in general and specific software on machine vision systems.

In particular:

Specialist know-how in the design of optical and lighting systems

Specialist knowledge in industrial automation and mechanical engineering of plants and systems;

Knowledge of many different electro-optical sensors and boards for vision applications such a analog and digital matrix cameras, linear scanning cameras, analog and digital image processors;

Extensive experience in machine vision in many different fields of application;

Specialist knowledge in the design of machine vision software, management of peripheral devices (computer, host, PLC), presence sensors, actuators or other auxiliary equipment;

Software packages based on proprietary algorithms dedicated in particular to machine vision and image analysis and processing (e. g. measurement of secondary pixels, calibration, dedicated filter, neural network, etc. );

Specialist knowledge in the management of machine vision software packages “more commercial” for example: Halcon (AVT Library) and Sapera Inspector.

Laser LAB

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SeeOne guarantees maximum professionalism and high level assistance in all services related to the supply: installation, training and courses, on-site after-sales service

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