Line Scan 100% Web Inspector

The need to maintain high quality standards for the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries requires the use of automated visual inspection to ensure high performance and ease of use.

SeeOne LineScan is a fully integrated high-resolution vision system that allows you to produce with 100% certified quality standards.

Aim to inspection in different fields of application, SeeOne LineScan is able to analyse and process data on many materials such as plastics, metal sheets, paper, textiles and non-woven, using know-how and feature specific to each one: reliable software to detect defects, dedicated illuminators, optics and software to optimize the inspection are designed and used according to the quality requirements of the type of production.

Example of inspected materials:

Plastic film – transparent and opaque

Metallic film on plastic or paper


Laminated substrate film


Machines on which LineScan is applied:



Doctor Machine

Extrusion machines

Paper production systems

Die-cutters and embossers

Download the 100% Linescan brochure for more details

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