Seeone Topscan AWM Industria 4.0

Automatic system for measuring the thickness of the coating on electric cables.

The instrument used by the Italian Quality Centre IMQ for the certification of electrical cables.

The TOPSCAN AWM system allows the automated measurement of thickness on sheaths, insulators and fillers of electrical cables. International standards and product specifications require special features and special methods of measurement and evaluation.

TopScan AWM, developed by SeeOne, is the natural evolution of the profile projector or measuring microscope and achieves the following objectives:

Measurement objectivity

Repeatability of results

Saving time and human resources

Great user-friendliness

Rapid return on investment

Compliance with CEI 20-34 / 1-1

The modular nature of Topscan Awm provides different configurations that can be customized upon customer request. In particular we suggest:

The AWMLC system for laboratory use

tOPsCAN awm lab

AWM HY: the new Hybrid-All in one configuration with external auxiliary buttons

AWMTOP for application close to the production line or for industrial use (harsh working conditions)

Further technical-functional features that make this product exclusive are:

Measurement of the thickness of sheathing and insulation both star and multilayer by pressing the relative button/key.

Ability to work with cable samples of variable height and with a single parallel plane. This is possible thanks to the special arrangement of the cameras that allows you to capture the face of the sampler facing the glass surface.

Double level interface with the instrument: the first is for operators, the second is for a supervisor or quality laboratory managers.

Metrological features of TopScan AWM

Measurement repeatability:
The repeatability of the instrument with a field of view of 20 mm is equivalent to +/- 0. 5 hundredths of a millimetre (0. 005 mm)

Measurement reliability:
The reliability of the instrument with a field of view of 20 mm is equivalent to +/- 1. 0 hundredths of a millimetre (0. 01mm)

All systems have been developed according to the innovative TOPSCAN MMI user interface criterion based on the concept:


The operator is not required to perform complex installation and debugging operations. The station has an intelligence that allows the search for the electrical cable and its measurement, even with variable cable dimensions.

The user only must place the cable sample on the relevant measuring area, which corresponds to the camera’s field of view, and press the button/key to obtain the entire measurement cycle.

Download the TopScan brochure for more details

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