Linescan BT


The increase in performance required by new generations of batteries, such as lithium-ion ones, requires increasingly reliable processes controlled by automatic systems.

Machine vision systems play a fundamental role in guaranteeing quality control and dimensional verification during the production process phases, to produce efficient and reliable batteries with a reduced waste of material.

These controls evolve for the various stages of the production process, such as:

Film production before and after coating:

Aluminium / metal


where the homogeneity of the surface must be verified and analysis of defects on the surface and edges.

Cell production:

Inspection during the production of the cells, with control of the electrodes, of the surface quality, analysis of the edges and measurement of the correct positioning of the layers.

SeeOne LINESCAN BT is the 100% control solution for the automatic detection and classification of various defects and dimensional measurements (width of the coating and material) during the process described above.

In particular in the various processes, such as:

Dry Position

100% surface inspection

High resolution inspection of electrodes and separators

Highlight typical crucial defects such as inclusions, bubbles, pinholes, agglomerations, scratches, etc.

Straightness of the edges (regularity)

Measurement and control in real time

Measurement of the width of the coating positions

Wet Position

Control of the position of the double side of the coating using the BSTeltromat guide systems

Checking the position of the coating with double front-to-back inspection

Battery production control features:

New generation of high resolution and high speed linear cameras

Max. Inspection width: 1.000 mm

Max. Production speed:> 100 m / min

Min. “High contrast” defect: eg. area of a dark spot <0.01 mm2

Main tasks:

Inspect the reliability of the production process;

Detect and intercept random defects;

Reduce waste by supporting the operator with real-time feedback on the production line;

Create detailed reports on the status of each coil;

Management of visual and acoustic alarms

Generation of an archiving database of all sensitive data, reports and images acquired and processed.

Complete work flow

Special features / Innovations of control:

Automatic light intensity regulation

Calculation of automatic tolerances

Procedure for creating an automatic recipe, thanks to:

  • Automatic light adjustment for best contrast
  • Calculation of automatic tolerance to reduce false detection

Simple tolerance optimization with sensitivity classes

Defect classification based on artificial intelligence

Management of warning and error levels

Download the Linescan BT brochure for more details

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