Linescan Security Line

Control system for banknote paper, security threads and holograms.

LineScan Security: an application dedicated to banknote paper inspection.

Banknote paper has multiple security features that are inserted, made and applied throughout the entire production process. The standard process includes: watermark generation and sensitization; silver filament applications,

screen printing bands, holograms and special non-visible glue. For each of these components LineScan Security can inspect the absolute and relative position and overall quality.

Main tasks:

Inspects the reliability of the production process;

Detects and intercepts random defects;

Reduces waste by supporting the operator with real-time feedback on the production line;

Creates detailed reports on the status of each roll, divided by each banknote;

Handles visual and audible alarms and inkjet markers to eliminate the defective banknote detected during the printing process;

Generation of a database of all sensitive data, reports and images captured and processed;

Complete Work Flow.

Download the LineScan Security brochure for more details

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